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Noosa’s less than 1% Council already knows its done the wrong thing by trying to push through their poorly considered CHAP and harmful planning changes, before getting community support or consulting with homeowners. Now we want them to do it the right way, by listening to our concerns and delivering a CHAP that actually delivers what we all want – which is a smart and effective response to climate change that is sensible, and proportionate. 


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Dear Mayor and Councillors,

As a member of the Noosa community, I want to express my concerns regarding the draft CHAP and the extreme policy measures proposed by Council to address the future risk of sea level rise in Noosa Shire. I am particularly worried that your decision to propose a policy of adverse planning changes as an adaptation solution which is based on little evidence and has been derived primarily from theoretical assumption based modelling of erosion events over an 80-year timeline! The forecasts from the model come with many caveats on its use, which are necessary due to the extremely long timeframe and uncertainty of sea level rise events. It is distressing to see Council proposing fundamental planning scheme changes in reliance on a model that by its nature is extremely fallible.

There is no empirical evidence of any meaningful sea level rise or erosion on the Noosa River, beaches, lakes or canals at this time, aside from stormwater and sewage discharge on to beaches. Yet we see little or no action by Council on managing this harmful discharge but a significant overreaction by Council to a possible risk that may or may not unfold over 80 years. No one is suggesting that the Council not appropriately manage sea level rise but the solutions need to be sensible and reasonable, without unnecessarily penalising the families in the community who live on or near the waterways and beaches. I favour a Measure, Monitor and Respond approach to better equip Council with the real world data that you need to make rational, evidence-based adaptation decisions affecting the homes, properties and businesses around the Shire waterways and beach areas.

I am also concerned that the adverse planning amendments proposed by the CHAP were already underway before the draft CHAP was released for “consultation” with the Shire community generally and in particular with the significant proportion of the community who are on or near the waterways and beaches and who are most directly affected potentially by the adverse planning amendments. This has led to a growing suspicion in the community that the CHAP proposals are ideologically motivated and that the consultation is a “tick box” exercise.

As my Mayor and Councillors, I ask that you take action to withdraw the proposed adverse planning changes as adaptation outcomes and have the Council embrace an accountable and transparent measure, monitor and respond approach that meets the expectations of the community – those whom the Councillors represent – on this critically important issue.


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